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If you need die cut gaskets, call Expert Gasket & Seal today

Expert Gasket & Seal is proud to be a supplier of high quality, reliable die cut gaskets for a wide variety of machinery, pipe and valve applications. Because we have an in-house die-cutting facility, we are able to produce custom designed die cut non-metallic gaskets quickly and efficiently. Our in-house equipment enables us to produce […]

Durable, chemical resistant Durlon gaskets – made to order

As an authorized Durlon gasket fabricator and distributor with over fifty years combined  sealing experience, we’re proud to provide our clients with high-quality products on demand. Because we fabricate on-site, we provide Durlon gaskets in small and large quantities in short lead times. Used in industries like power generation, water processing/purification, chemical processing, petroleum and […]

Choosing gaskets: Are FDA gaskets necessary for your business?

Because the Food and Drug Administration oversees the safety of the food processing and pharmaceutical industry, it’s important that FDA gaskets are used in any business in these fields. Not only will this ensure that your company is in line with industry standards and best practices by consistently producing high quality goods, it also ensures […]

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