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Achieve Short-Turnaround Times for Custom Gaskets from Expert Gasket & Seal

Macedonia, OH-based Expert Gasket & Seal is now working with industrial firms across the U.S. to provide fast, cost-effective access to custom gaskets for their most challenging sealing applications. The company’s market-leading automatic die-cutting equipment and 50 years’ combined team experience means custom gaskets can be designed and fabricated in less time, even with high-volume […]

Expert Gasket & Seal Leading the Sealing Industry with Cost-Effective Durlon Gaskets

Industrial organizations require class leading sealing products to prevent fluid and gas leaks within their processing operations. Companies require the experience of sealing experts that work with the leading material manufacturers to provide proven solutions. The innovators at Expert Gasket & Seal have continually shown their commitment to resolving client sealing challenges both cost-effectively and […]

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