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Choosing the Best Rubber Gasket Materials for Your Needs

When it comes to rubber gaskets, the right materials can certainly go a long way. This is because if your gaskets are going to be exposed to the elements or installed in applications where they’ll receive high-stress, they need to be up to the job. That’s why the team from Expert Gasket has collected some […]

3 Benefits of Custom Die Cut & Flashcut Gaskets

If you frequently use gaskets as connectors, or for your seals and other applications, it’s important to invest in the right ones. As you most likely know: no two manufacturing styles are alike, so how do you determine whether a particular gasket is the right one for you? Well, the team of experts from Expert […]

Four Critical Aspects of Choosing the Perfect Custom Gasket for Your Needs

Manufacturers across Ohio, and the United States, know the value of partnering with an experienced custom gasket manufacturer.  Custom gaskets are an excellent solution for a range of problems, from difficulties in developing new products to maintaining older machinery when spare parts are difficult to find. Your Ohio custom gasket manufacturer will do their best […]

Why Partner with A Custom Gaskets Manufacturer?

People rarely think about gaskets, at least not until something is leaking.  Perhaps your engineers are struggling to put together a product capable of accomplishing its intended tasks, due to challenging environmental elements.  Perhaps you rely on older machinery, where finding replacement gaskets is difficult.  Perhaps you simply want to stock up on spares in […]

Custom Die Cut Gaskets Can Easily Protect Your Electrical Enclosures

Vital electrical and electronic equipment should be kept in a protective enclosure – particularly if operating in an outdoor environment.  However, the enclosure is only as protective as the gasket sealing it closed!  Even small flaws in either the seal or flange can compromise the gasket, causing serious problems to your operation. Custom die cut […]

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